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Why use RAM ?

RAM Exterior Remodeling can service all of the components of your home’s exterior. Sometimes stucco problems are a sign of additional defects below the surface. This can happen if the original subcontractors either, did not properly integrate the different applications, or did’nt install them in the proper order.

You could have as many as eight different subcontractors installing the components of a single home’s exterior. So when there’s a leak or installation problem, it becomes nearly impossible to resolve the problem. RAM Exterior Remodeling offers the advantage of using one contractor for your entire exterior, so that should you have a question, there’s only one number to call.

We understand the importance of buiding it right the first time. Our employees and subcontractors understand the significance, of maintaining both the cosmetic appeal of a home, an the integrity of it’s water tight shell.

RAM Exterior Remodeling is an “independent” with a highly professional image. We have a proficient and qualified staff, with a large inventory of specialty tools and equipment. It is our intention to be the last phone call that you as a buider or homeowner will make, as you look for solutions to post-construction problems.

Our reputation speaks for itself. RAM Exterior Remodeling has repaired over 250 homes in Texas without a single call back !